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Becoming a Creative Seller

  • The shop where I create, MarppleShop

    MarppleShop is a merchandise commerce platform where anyone can create and sell items using artwork, characters, logos, photos, and other content whose copyright or trademark they own.

    MarppleShop is a zero cost, zero inventory online store that requires absolutely no overheads or out-of-pocket expenses, period.

    Apart from payment gateway processing fees and withholding tax, both of which are levied on sales, MarppleShop Creative Sellers have no expenses to contend with, allowing them to focus solely on revenue they generate from every sale.

  • What is a Creative Seller?

    Creative Sellers are creators, social media influencers, artists, businesses, and other members of the public creating and selling merchandise on their dedicated MarppleShop with their own content and ideas.

  • Can individuals or companies have their own MarppleShops?

    MarppleShop is a content commerce platform open to individual creators, artists, and authors as well as entrepreneurs, proprietors and businesses. Any person or organization who has content they can merchandize as well as the capacity to promote it on social media or through other means is eligible to own and run a MarppleShop.

    No expense is required to run MarppleShop. However, you can only sell items containing content originally created by you or content of which you are the copyright owner.

  • Is there an age limit to be a Creative Seller?

    Yes, anyone who is at least 14 years of age is eligible to be a Creative Seller.

  • Is there a contract period when I sign up to be a Creative Seller?

    There are no contractual obligations whatsoever and the Creative Seller may terminate their Shop at any time of their own volition.