Customer Center


  • Can I run a MarppleShop when I am already engaged in selling activities elsewhere?

    Yes, absolutely. So long as you are the original creator or copyright owner of your merchandise, you are free to sell them at other places and MarppleShop at the same time.

  • Please be aware of the following before you decide to sell content on MarppleShop.

    You can only use content (images) of which you are the original creator or copyright holder to create and sell products on MarppleShop.

    MarppleShop does not hold copyright to any content and all content belongs to their original copyright holding individuals or entities.

    Content copyright for every product sold belongs to the relevant Creative Seller (Shop owner) who has full responsibility for said content. Regarding copyright requirements, MarppleShop may request documents as proof of license.

    • Infringing on a third party’s trademark or copyright or using image(s) violating a third party’s conditions of use
    • Content whose copyright owner is unclear
    • Unauthorized reproduction of the design(s) of a particular brand
    • Using content without explicit permission from the copyright owner
    • Violating a third party’s rights or interests or otherwise breaching copyright laws
    • Violating ourCopyright, trademark, and ethics compulsory guidelines

    MarppleShop reserves the right to suspend selling activity on any content (images) deemed inappropriate for sale due to, but not limited to, any of the above violations/infringements.

  • I’ve got invited to MarppleShop by my friend. How do I activate my shop?

    The invited seller’s shop needs evaluation before the activation.
    Please set up your shop and add products you would like to sell. We will inform you within 2~4 business days.

  • Where do I see my points?

    You may check your points at
    SellerStudio>My Account

    Points can be used for making sample products.

  • How do I delete my account?

    In order to permanently delete your account, please contact us
    Your order history, shopping cart information and remaining points will be deleted and it is unable to be recovered.

    We will do our best to make a better service.