• Delivery dates may vary from product to product.

    Expected delivery dates will vary since we manufacture strictly to order and our shipments are made accordingly; they can be checked in the following places.

    • See the top of the Product Details page

    Our customized production lines cannot give priority or preference to any order, which regrettably means we cannot bring forward or rush the delivery date even upon request.

    ※ Expected delivery dates may be subject to change depending on the product.
    For more information on making arrangements in the event that either production or delivery is impossible, please read the ‘Shipping & Refund” sections.

  • When can I expect my order to arrive?

    You can keep track of the production progress and shipping schedule for your order by Login>View Orders and Shipping.

  • Is there a way to expedite the delivery process?

    At MarppleShop we manufacture to order on a group buying platform.
    Since we produceonlyto order, we apologize for not being able to comply with early/urgent shipment requests.

  • Can I buy merchandise from multiple creators’ shops in one go?

    Creative Seller Shops are independently owned and held.
    You can place orders and make payments at each Shop separately.

    Every Shop may have its own Selling Period and production timeline, which means combining or bundling orders to ship together will not be possible.

  • Can I change the shipping address?

    Shipping address changes can only be made before the end of the [Production in Progress] stage of your order.

    Orders are packaged and dispatched during the [Preparing for Shipment] stage or later, and the shipping addresscannotbe changed after an order has shipped.

  • Why am I seeing “Shipping Complete” when it hasn’t arrived?

    From time to time may you may see this message prematurely, usually due to the actual transit situation lagging behind estimated shipping times. Please verify that your item has not been accepted by either your neighbors or building security, or that it is not in your mailbox, storage unit, or wherever else you receive mail/packages.

    If you cannot get in touch with the courier/agent, please contact the delivery company directly.
    If the company is found to have lost your shipment, let us know by e-mail (cs@marppleshop.com) or chat with customer service.
    We provide replacements or refunds for goods lost by courier services.

    Please check the following in case shipping delays or courier errors are not at fault:

    • Your shipping address and contact information were correctly provided and saved.
    • The preferred location you specified in your unattended delivery preferences.
  • Do you ship overseas?

    For international shipping, select English or Japanese at the bottom of the page before proceeding with your order.
    We accept payment by PayPal, Alipay, or credit card, and we ship abroad to 91 countries.

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