Return and Replacement Policy

  • Is it possible to return or request replacement after receiving shipment?

    Please understand that our products are entirely and exclusively made to order, hence we cannot accept “change of heart” exchange, return, or refund requests.

    However, if you have received a defective product, you may request a replacement or return/refund as per Korean law - “the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc. Act" - by e-mailing (cs@marppleshop.com) or chatting with our support team.

    Please attach 2 or more photos that clearly show the damage(s), defect(s), or error(s) to help us identify the problem and process your request faster.

    You cannot have your order replaced with a different kind of product. Details are provided in this section (Return and Replacement Policy) of MarppleShop Customer FAQs.

    ※ Please read the following washing instructions.

    MarppleShop’s products are 100% made to order, which is why careful washing will go a long way in ensuring their lasting quality.

    - Hand washing separately is recommended.
    - When using a washing machine, utilize mesh laundry bags and add neutral, mild detergent such as Woolite to cold water.
    - Please refrain from tumble drying our products as they have been heat-treated.
    - Prevent fade and screen print damage by washing inside out.
    - It is strongly advised that you check for bleaching agents in your detergent.
    - Using chlorine or other bleach-based products may lead to discoloration or other damage.
    - Separate light-colored clothes from dark ones when washing.
    - When ironing, place a thin fabric over the printed area(s).
    (Ironing directly on the printed area may lead to damage.)

    Exchange or return requests owing to any sort of damage or deterioration caused by careless washing are not granted.
    Please observe the above instructions at all times.

  • I got my order but it’s defective. How do I ask for a return/refund/replacement?

    You are eligible for a return/refund/replacement if you received an incorrect item or a defective item, as in the following cases:

    • Item is inconsistent with or different from information given
    • Wrong item delivered
    • Item is flawed, faulty, defective, broken, or damaged

    If the item you received is flawed or defective, please attach 2 or more photographs that clearly show the flaw or defect and chat with our friendly support team live or e-mail us atcs@marppleshop.comwith your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    However, in certain cases and for certain products we may have to collect the item ourselves and ascertain the damage in order to assist you. In such an event we will send a courier to the address where you received the item, usually within 2 to 3 business days after you placed your return request.

    Please include details like your name, contact information, and reason for the exchange/return in your package when returning the item with our courier.

    Orders returned with a courier company not designated by MarppleShop may be sent back or otherwise make it difficult for us to process your request. We cannot exchange the item you ordered with a different type of item.

  • How much do I have to pay for returning orders?

    MarppleShop takes full responsibility for items returned due to damage from mishandled shipping or manufacturing defects and will bear all expenses.

  • When I return an order, can I use a courier of my own choice?

    Using a courier other than one designated by Marpple could result in your shipment being sent back or make it difficult for us to verify your request, which may lead to delays or other hiccups in processing it.

    It is therefore advised that you follow our refund guidelines and wait until our courier visits you.
    Please contact our customer center should there be any further problems

  • Policy exceptions/conditions

    MarppleShop produces strictly according to the orders it receives and cannot process ‘change of heart’ exchange, return, or refund requests.

    We cannot exchange or return a flawed item if it smells, is visibly stained, or has been worn, washed, altered, damaged, or otherwise used in any way.

  • Warranty standard

    Our products go through stringent quality and process controls, passing thorough visual (appearance), specification, and physical properties inspection.

    To ensure a longer useful life for your product, please read and follow the care label instructions and/or wash instructions attached to it. Please contact our customer center if you identify any quality issues.

    Products that are damaged or defective due to user negligence or products whose warranty has expired are not subject to reimbursement/compensation. If you would like to replace or return your order, please make a request within 7 days of delivery.