• I want to cancel my order.

    You can cancel your order when the order status shows [Production in Preparation].
    Click My Page > Orders > Detail > “Cancel Order”.

    ※ The “Cancel Order” button only shows up until the [production in preparation] stage.
    If the order status shows [Production in Progress, Shipping in Preparation, Shipping in Progress], you cannot cancel the order.
    You cannot cancel/exchange/return your order that is in the progress of production due to a simple change of mind.
    MarppleShop prevents waste of resources through production without waste and thinks about the environment.
    Please make a careful decision.

  • I ordered various products, but I want to cancel some.

    You can partially cancel your order until the “Production in Preparation” stage before the end of sale.
    Please contact us 1:1 Inquiry or the Customer Center(1566-9437) regarding the request for partial cancellation.

    You cannot cancel your order from the “Production in Progress'' stage after the end of sale, so please cancel your order before the end of sale. Due to the characteristics of order-made products, order cancellation/exchange/return due to a simple change of mind is not available. 

  • I canceled my order. When can I get a refund?

    The refund process takes about 2-5 business days from the day the refund request has been accepted.
    You can check the accurate refund date via the corresponding financial institution. 
    After order cancellation, refund takes place through approval cancellation for credit card payment and registered account for refund for account transfer or virtual account payment. If any, points used will be restored.

    Refund process time depends on the payment method.

    • Real-time Account Transfer: Deposited in the registered account within 2-3 business days of order cancellation
    • Virtual Account: Deposited in the registered account for refund within 1-2 business days of order cancellation
    • Credit Card: Can check approval cancellation via credit card company within 2-5 business days of order cancellation and the following month’s credit card statement if billed.
    • Easy Payment: Refunded within a week for Naver Pay, SSGPAY, Samsung Pay, TOSS, and Kakao Pay
  • How can I know that I got my order refunded?

    You can check your order cancellation status in My Page > Orders, and we will send you an email regarding cancellation completion.

  • Can I get a refund via an account by a name other than the depositor’s name?

    Refund via an account by another name is not available.
    You can only get a refund through the account or other payment methods with the depositer’s name.

  • Can I change the payment method?

    You can change the payment method until the [Production in Preparation] stage.
    If you wish to change the payment method, please contact us through 1:1 Inquiry or the Customer Center(1566-9437).

  • I completed my order, but why is the product sold out?

    Products sold in MarppleShop are order-made, but there may be cases where defective products are found during packing, some are lost during inventory management, or the manufacturer is unable to have additional stocks ready. 
    For these circumstances, we individually instruct the creators about out-of-stock products or order cancellations.
    We ask for your understanding.