• The official shop for Creators everywhere, MarppleShop

    Find your favorite creators’ official merchandise on MarppleShop. 

    Get exclusive and limited edition merchandise from the creators you love that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

    MarppleShop minimizes resource waste with on-demand, no-inventory production.
    We believe in meaningful and worthwhile shopping, giving back to creators and consumers as much as we can.

  • MarppleShop produces exactly as ordered.

    MarppleShop merchandise can only be ordered during what’s called the Selling Period (pertaining to each product).
    This group buying system means that we manufacture strictly to order, which is why it will take time for the purchaser to receive shipment after placing their order.

    You can check the estimated delivery date for your order after the Selling Period ends by going to the top of the Product Details page of the concerned item, or by viewing your Order History.

  • It says the Selling Period for an item has ended. Can I still place an order?

    No, unfortunately purchases can only be made during the Selling Period.

    MarppleShop processes orders only during designated intervals called Selling Periods.
    If you’re interested in an item after its Selling Period has ended, please contact the relevant Creative Seller directly for more information.

  • Please check your item’s product care and washing instructions before use.

    MarppleShop’s products are 100% made to order, and to maintain their quality and longevity,
    customers are advised to pay close attention to product care and washing instructions.

    Selling starts → Selling ends → Production → Shipping
    (Some items may be manufactured ahead of time, however.)

    OK, I’ve made the payment. So what’s next?

    Q. When can I expect to receive my order? 

    • Expected delivery dates are provided at the top of your item’s Product Details page as well as in Order Details.

    Q. Can I change the shipping address? 

    • Yes, but only during the Selling Period, up until the end of the (Production in Progress) stage.

    Q. Can I change my order information (quantity, order, color/size/style variation, etc.)? 

    • Yes, but only during the Selling Period, up until the conclusion of the (Production in Progress) stage.

    Q. Can I change my mode of payment? 

    • Yes, but only during the Selling Period, before the (Production in Progress) stage ends.
  • Be sure to follow item-specific instructions and washing methods.

    MarppleShop’s products are 100% made to order only.
    We recommend that you wash them with care so that they retain their special quality and longevity.
    - Washing separately is advised.
    - When using a washing machine, use mesh laundry bags and add neutral cleaners, Woolite, or detergents ideal for delicate fabric to cold water. 
    - Our products are heat treated; do not use clothes dryers.
    - Washing inside out minimizes fade and screen print damage.
    - Be sure to check for bleaching properties in your detergent.
    - Using chlorine or other bleach-based products may lead to discoloration or other damage.
    - Separate light-colored clothes from dark ones when washing.
    - When ironing, place a thin fabric over the printed area(s). 
        (Ironing directly on the printed area may lead to damage.)

     We are unable to accept exchange or return requests owing to any sort of damage or deterioration caused by careless washing. Please observe the above instructions.

  • Can nonmembers (guest users) place orders too?

    Both registered users and guests can place orders. 

    When you’ve completed placing your order, details will be sent to the email address you provided to confirm your order and shipping information.

    MarppleShop members are eligible for various promotional events and benefits. 
    Users registered with Marpple’s other services can sign into MarppeShop using the account information they already have.

  • How do I track progress on my order?

    Login> My Page>View Orders and Shipping: Check the production status and shipment timeline for your order.

    You can cancel orders or change order information (including address) as long as the Selling Period is in progress. 
    Once the Selling Period concludes, you will not be able to cancel orders or change related details.

    Your orders are processed as follows:
    1. [Preparing] : Payment complete, production to follow. (The stage prior to the end of the Selling Period)
    2. [In Production] : Production work in progress. Order cancellations/modifications/refunds not permitted from this stage onward.
    3. [Preparing to Ship] : Production complete, product inspected and packaged.
    4. [Shipping] : Order shipped out, tracking number texted to you. Tracking shipment status with number possible starting the day after ship-out. 
    5. [Delivered]: Order delivered. 

  • How can I get a receipt for my payment?

    For payments made with a credit card, you can check your statement by going to View Orders and Shipping>Details.