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Shipping Method Standard Courier(DHL)
Delivery Area Nationwide
Delivery Timeframe After the product is shipped, it can be received within 1-3 business days. However, in the case of remote or mountainous areas or when the courier service has a high volume of shipments, it may take a little longer.

Exchange / Refund

1. This product is an online pre-order product and will be shipped sequentially in order from mid July 2024.
There will be no additional sales in the future, so if you wish to purchase, please do so within the reservation period.

2. All products, including set products, are custom-made products, so it may be difficult to cancel, return, or exchange product options or quantities after the end of the sales period. If you wish to modify or cancel the order options, please make sure to make your request within the pre-sale period.

3. Partial refunds and cancellations are not possible for set products. If you wish to cancel, please cancel the entire reservation within the sales period and repurchase.

4. The delivery date provided is the expected delivery start date, and delivery may be delayed depending on the arrival and delivery volume of the product and the circumstances of the courier company.
Products are delivered sequentially in the order ordered, so each buyer's product receipt date may vary.
(For overseas delivery, it may take up to 2 weeks longer than the pre-announced delivery schedule, and delivery conditions may change or be restricted by country.)

5. The delivery schedule for each product may vary depending on the production period, and when multiple items are ordered together, bundled delivery will be made according to the delivery date of the latest product. If you would like to receive a partial order, please purchase it individually.

6. Depending on the production situation, the specifications such as design, size, material, and post-processing may be changed without prior notice.

7. Due to the nature of the material, this product may have minor scratches, nicks, or dents. Minor scratches and dents are not eligible for exchange or return. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

8. In the case of the outer case (packaging plastic, zipper bag, paper bag, box, etc.), it is used to prevent shock to protect the product.
During the packaging and delivery process, damage such as minor scratches, pressure, or dents may occur, and this is not grounds for exchange.

9. To accurately check for defects and omissions, please film an unboxing video from the moment you open the delivery box.
(If there is no unboxing video including the invoice, exchanges or applications for missing items may not be accepted.)

10. When purchasing multiple products together, they will be delivered according to the latest product shipping date. Please be sure to check this.
(If you order a regular sale product and a pre-sale product together, they will be delivered together on the delivery date of the pre-sale product.
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