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8 days ago
Thank you for doing such an amazing job in creating this cute pair! I stan your IG because their stories are what I'm looking forward to each day, their cute faces lighten up my day, and their interaction infuse positivity to the community. Please know that I really appreciate your dedication in posting regularly and reply to our comments, because from writing their stories and animating them to engaging with the community - all are no easy feat but you're doing really great! I'm really lucky to have followed your page, downloaded the stickers & now even grabbed the plushies! You're truly talented, simply incredible! P.S. Do take good care or a break if you need to. I still stan your page because every post you published, I always replay & watch a lot of times lol
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10 days ago
I love your work anymore kkamang (grey) plushies left ? 😭
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1 month ago
Hello! I am your fan from Indonesia, I really like your work I like Kkamang because they are very cute and depict the daily activities of couples, my girlfriend and I really like it
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