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Product information
※ Please notice that the product pictures may differ from actual colors depending on the shooting location.

It consists of 12 postcards with various illustrations and 7 stickers. Postcard books can be kept as small drawing books, and can be used freely as single sheets.

Postcard book

Cover Page Material: Snow 300g
As the most popular paper, it has no gloss on its surface, giving it a soft and calming feel and excellent printability.
The matte coating effect is applied.

Post Card Material: Rendezvous 240g
It is a pure white paper that has no gloss on the surface, also gives a clean and luxurious feel.

Sticker Material: removal sticker
It can be repeatedly attached and detached like a post-it, and no marks remain when detached.


Postcard book

Colors may vary slightly depending on the monitor specifications.
In the case of the matte coating applied to the cover of the postcard book, when scratches occur on the surface of the coated film, the scratch may appear more prominent than the glossy coating due to the characteristics of the matte coating.
This paper product is sensitive to temperature/humidity and may be torn easily and may bend or discolor when stored for a long time. Refunds or exchanges are not available due to this.


This is a paper-based sticker product that is sensitive to temperature/humidity. It can be torn easily, and the adhesion may be weakened depending on the use of the environment and the adhesive surface.
It cannot be returned or exchanged due to this reasons.
Since the removal sticker uses a laser to cut the shape, little discoloring may occur in the cut part, which cannot be returned or exchanged.

Size chart
 Size (inch)Post CardSticker

Notice on the delivery

All the goods are newly manufactured in custom order and delivered.

If you order now, the manufacturing process begins on 8/17, and the goods are to be shipped out before 8/24.

Notice on Exchange / Refund

As all the goods are manufactured in custom order, exchange / refund due to a simple change of mind is not available.

However, if the goods are faulty or were delivered to a wrong address, you can contact customer center, via email, or 1:1 inquiry within 7 days to get a refund or exchange goods.

Customer Center 1566-5496

Order / Delivery

  • How long would it take to receive goods after order?
    주문 후에 상품을 수령하기까지 얼마나 걸리나요?
    As all the goods of Marpple Shop are manufactured in custom order, it takes a certain period of time to receive goods. You may check the expected delivery date on the page of goods detail and order details.
  • How can I check the order status?
    주문 후에 상품을 수령하기까지 얼마나 걸리나요?
    Login>My page >Purchase detail The manufacturing process of ordered goods and delivery schedule can be checked.
    If you order goods through 5the steps below manufacturing and delivery are made, and only at the “Processing” status, order change and cancellation can be made.

    Processing : As the payment was made goods are on processing for manufacturing.
    On Manufacturing : Your ordered goods are being manufactured, and from this step order cancellation, /change,/and refund are not available.
    Shipped : Manufacturing is complete, and the inspection of goods and packaging are started..
    In delivery : Your ordered goods were shipped out, and delivered to the logistics company, and the waybill number will be sent to your SMS. From the next day of shipping out, you can search the waybill number to check the delivery status.
    Delivery complete : Delivery has been complete.
  • Is it possible for the non-member to order?
    주문 후에 상품을 수령하기까지 얼마나 걸리나요?
    Non-member can order as well. When placing an order, they will receive the order details via e-mail.
    Through the order details via email, they can check order details and delivery information.
    The Marpple members can use the same ID to use Marpple shop As Marpple Shop members can get a variety of benefits such as points credit and events, be a member.

Exchange / Refund

  • May I cancel orders?
    주문 후에 상품을 수령하기까지 얼마나 걸리나요?
    Given the nature of custom order, the cancellation is not available once the manufacturing of the goods begin. After placing an order, you may change or cancel until the goods are “processing” status,
    but not cancellable after the status. So, please cancel your order before manufacturing begins. You may cancel an order at the following page by clicking “Cancel the order”: Login > My page > Purchase details > View details. Marpple Shop manufactures goods with custom order only to prevent the waste of resources and to make a better environment. Please make a careful order.
  • I’ve received goods. Is exchange/refund available?
    주문 후에 상품을 수령하기까지 얼마나 걸리나요?
    Given the nature of custom order, exchange / refund due to a simple change of mind is not available.
    However, if the goods received is faulty, you may please inquire to customer center of Marpple Shop (1566-5496) or 1:1 inquiry to get a refund or exchange goods according to the “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Service.” If you attach more than two photos of the faulty part, we will check them in an immediate manner.
    However, exchanging to other goods not the ordered goods, and any deformation of goods due to the negligence in the laundering or damages in printing are not available.
    Please check the laundering method on the page of goods detail.

ZIPCY Post Card Book Sticker Set

ZIPCY Post Card Book Sticker Set


If you order now, the delivery will begin between 8/17 ~ 8/24!
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