• MarppleShop only produces how many are on the order.

    MarppleShop employs the method of order-made production, which creates products based on the number of orders.
    As a system that takes orders for a week and then goes through production/delivery the following week, it takes a certain period of time to have the order delivered. We individually instruct the estimated delivery date to customers.

  • Please check the precautions and washing instructions by product.

    The more you are careful about washing, the longer and prettier you can enjoy your product.

    • Separate hand-washing recommended.
    • When using the washing machine, use a wash bag and neutral detergent/wool shampoo in cold water.
    • Refrain from using the dryer as products could be damaged at a high temperature
    • When using the iron, put a thin fabric on the printed side and iron the product (direct use of iron on the printed side can damage the product).
    • To prevent print damages, wash with inner and outer sides flipped.
    • When using detergent containing bleach or chlorine, the product may be bleached or deformed.
    • Wash bright colors with bright colors and dark colors with dark colors.

    You cannot exchange/return products for deformation or print damage due to inattentive washing.
    Please comply with the washing instructions.

  • Can non-members order as well?

    Yes, non-members can place orders.
    Once the order is placed, your order status will be sent to the email address you entered.
    You will be able to check your order status and delivery information.

    When you become a member of MarppleShop, you can enjoy various events and benefits.
    Marpple members can use the same ID to explore and enjoy MarppleShop.

  • How do production and delivery take place?

    Product creation/delivery follows the process below.

    1. Order Placement 
      1. Your order is placed only when payment is completed.
      2. Send your payment within an hour after check-out to the virtual account number that you received.
      3. You can check your account number in Orders. 
    2. Production in Preparation
      1. This is a preparatory stage after order placement and before production.
      2. You can cancel your order until this stage.
    3. Production in Progress
      1. This is a stage where production takes place.
      2. There are differences in production periods by product, and we instruct estimated delivery dates.
      3. You cannot cancel/change order/request refund at this stage.
    4. Shipping in Preparation
      1. This is a stage where products are created, reviewed, and packed.
      2. We will carefully review products.
    5. Shipping in Progress
      1. After your order has been delivered, we send you the tracking number via text(notification kakaotalk message).
      2. You can track delivery status through the “Track Order” function.
      3. It usually takes about 2-3 business days to have your order delivered.(There may be slight differences in the delivery date depending on designated regions or delivery circumstances. 
    6. Shipping Completed
      1. If you did not receive your package despite the “Shipping Completed” status, please check if there is any package in the apartment management office.
      2. There may be cases where the package gets sent back due to wrong addressee information. Contact the courier, tell them the tracking number, and check the delivery status.  
    7. Purchase Completed
      1. Write a review to encourage the creator
  • Can I get a tax invoice?

    When paid in cash, MarppleShop only issues cash receipts.
    There are cash receipts for documentary evidence of expenditure(business) and personal income tax deduction.
    If you need a tax invoice, apply for a cash receipt for documentary evidence of expenditure(business).
    ※ Cash receipt for an order is issued based on the purchase confirmation date, and cash receipt for digital goods is issued based on the payment completion date.