• What are the benefits of membership?

    When you become a member of MarppleShop, you can enjoy various events and benefits.
    Marpple members can use the same ID to explore and enjoy MarppleShop.

  • Is there an age restriction for membership?

    Age 14+ can sign up for MarppleShop.

  • I forgot my ID and password.

    You can click on [Search for email / password] in the login page to change your information.
    When you enter your email address to search your password, we will send you a link for a reset.

  • How do I request for account withdrawal?

    Contact us via 1:1 Inquiry or MarppleShop Customer Center via email at cs@marppleshop.com.
    When you withdraw your account, your order status, cart information, and reserves(getting prepared) will be deleted and won’t be recovered.
    We will try our best to become MarppleShop that you want to revisit.

  • Can I sign up again with the same email address as before after withdrawing?

    You can sign up again, but the previous information(order status, cart information, or lost reserves) won’t be recovered.

  • How does consultation work?

    There are three ways MarppleShop consults consumers.

    • 1:1 Inquiry via Channel Kakaotalk on the lower right corner of MarppleShop website 
    • Telephone consultation via Customer Center(1566-5496)
    • E-mail consultation (cs@marppleshop.com)
  • When does the Customer Center operate?

    The Customer Center operates from 10am to 6pm on weekdays.
    We do not run on weekends and holidays.

  • I'm a Marpple member. Do I need to sign up for MarppleShop?

    Current Marpple members can use both Marpple and MarppleShop with one ID.