Guide for Purchasing Digital Goods

  • The license for all contents belongs to the creator

    All rights including content copyrights are reserved by the corresponding “MarppleShop creator”.
    MarppleShop does not stand surety for any matters regarding content copyright or license.
    The copyright or ownership of a content does not transfer to the consumer by purchasing the content.
    Direct/indirect use of the content for profit is prohibited. Use of the content for commercial purposes (e.g. advertisement, marketing, and promotion) is also prohibited.
    Violation of any article mentioned above can cause property/portrait rights issues, and the liability belongs to the consumer.

  • Contents bought can only be used for personal use.

    Images that have once been bought can be used without a time limit.
    Digital goods are restricted to private possessions/personal use and can only be used for non-commercial purposes. 
    You may be liable for using contents for commercial purposes without permission according to regulations like copyright laws.
    If you wish to purchase an Extended License, contact the creator.

  • Prohibition of ID sharing

    We operate on the principle of “One Account, One User.”
    MarppleShop prohibits ID sharing to secure personal information of consumers and to prevent redistribution of images without notice. 
    When records of ID sharing can be confirmed, you may be restricted from using the service according to MarppleShop’s terms and conditions and punished based on copyright laws and related legislations.

  • We forbid modification/editing/distribution/resale of all contents.

    As purchasing digital goods does not transfer the images’ copyright but only the right to use, you cannot redistribute or resell them.
    You cannot create and sell derivative works such as product packaging, postcard, or frame using the content that you purchased.
    We prohibit the uploading and clipping of the purchased content in its original form on SNS, blog, internet cafe, or webhard for redistribution.
    When found to be violating restrictions for image use, the consumer is liable for compensation for the loss if there are harms to the company or copyright holder.

  • Digital goods cannot be refunded.

    Due to the characteristics of digital contents, you cannot get a refund for purchased images.

    Please check the product detail before making a purchase as you cannot get a refund for differences in resolution or image proportion by device.
    Any information including the copyright/portrait rights/property rights of contents, range of use, and texts used in images is provided by each creator, and we cannot 100% guarantee its accuracy.
    For an exceptional refund, the price excluding the commission will be returned.