• When can I get my product delivered?

    Order placed today begins its production/delivery the following week.

    As a system that takes orders for a week and then goes through production/delivery the following week, it takes a certain period of time to have the order delivered. We individually instruct the estimated delivery date to customers.
    It may take more than a week to receive your order.

  • Can I get my product delivered earlier?

    MarppleShop employs the method of order-made production, which creates products based on the number of orders.
    We ask for your understanding in that we cannot take requests for an earlier delivery.

  • I got a text that my product began shipping, but I can’t track it.

    After your order has been delivered, we send you the tracking number via text(notification kakaotalk message)
    You can usually start tracking your order the following day, and your order arrives in 2-3 business days.
    If the “Shipping in Progress” status continues for more than three business days, contact the courier Customer Center to inquire about the order location. However, it may take longer for isolated regions and depending on the circumstances of the courier in the corresponding region.

    [CJ Delivery Invoice Tracker]
    Main Contact : 1588-1255

  • How much is the delivery fee?

    The basic delivery fee for MarppleShop is 3,000 won (about $2.24), which is charged at the final stage of payment.
    There may be an additional cost for isolated regions.

  • I want to change the delivery destination.

    You can only change the delivery destination until the “Production in Progress” stage.
    Once the status changes into “Shipping in Preparation”, the product may be packed and released.
    You cannot change the delivery destination if your order has already been released/delivered.

  • My order status shows that the delivery has been completed, but I didn’t get the package yet.

    Sometimes, the delivery status on our system and the actual status are different. Therefore, there are cases where the delivery status shows “Shipping Completed” before the package has been delivered.

    1. If you did not receive your package despite the “Shipping Completed” status, please check if there is any package in other storage places like the locker or apartment management office.
    2. There may be cases where the package gets sent back due to wrong addressee information. Contact the courier, tell them the tracking number, and check the delivery status. 

    When it is confirmed to be a package loss by the courier, contact us through 1:1 Inquiry or the Customer Center(1566-5496).
    In such cases, redelivery and refund are available.

  • Is international shipping available?

    If you want to ship your product overseas, change the site language by clicking on the “English / 日本語'' button on the bottom of the MarppleShop website and fill out your order. International shipping is via K-Packet and DHL.

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