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Production and selling

  • What kind of products can I sell on MarppleShop?

    MarppleShop Creative Sellers can expect to sell any of our several hundred offerings, including various kinds of apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies, phone cases, headgear, cushions and pillows, accessories, canvas tote bags, home decor items and decoration pieces, and so much more.

  • How much in transaction fees are Sellers charged?

    Seller’s income from sales is settled after accounting for payment gateway charges (3.52%).

  • How does one open a MarppleShop, step by step?

    When you qualify as a Creative Seller, you are provided your own MarppleShop URL, from which you will be able to select items, give free rein to your creativity and apply your personal touches, and sell the merchandise you create directly and promptly.

    Make an application
    Visit the MarppleShop Preregistration page to apply.

    Application reviewed
    Applications take 2 to 5 days (or longer) to be reviewed.
    Successful applicants are contacted individually.

    Completing registration
    Please read the Seller Studio terms of service carefully.

    Creating merchandise
    A handbook with useful information is offered to Sellers getting started.
    Build your Shop and create your merchandise.

    Selling begins
    Finalize the Product Detail pages of your creations with photos, etc. and you’re all set!

    MarppleShop takes care of the rest including manufacturing, shipping, and customer support.

  • Where are my products manufactured?

    MarppleShop products are manufactured byMarppleat its mass customization factory.
    Marpple is South Korea’s number one on-demand custom product manufacturer, with over 12 years of experience servicing countless clients and users.

    Marpple’s manufacturing team has in-depth, hands-on experience and immense technical expertise that stem from intensively researching textile printing technology and operating the latest in printing equipment.

    Day in, day out, Marpple churns out the very best products with its extensive and versatile customization knowhow, applying methods and techniques like digital printing, flex printing, heat transfer printing, screen printing, UV printing, embroidery, transfer printing, sewing, and so on.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship abroad to 91 countries.

    Select English or 日本語 at the bottom of your MarppleShop page before proceeding with your order.

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  • What are the accepted modes of payment?

    Domestic (South Korean) payments can be made with domestically issued debit cards and credit cards, real-time transfers between bank accounts, or SSG PAY, Samsung Pay, and Naver Pay. Currently we do not accept account-free transfers/depositing without a bank account, but for bank account transfers one can either make a real-time transaction or use Naver Pay’s easy mobile payment. To have a cash receipt issued, select the relevant option when it appears on the payment screen.

    International purchases can be made with PayPal and Alipay. We are working on enabling payment by foreign credit cards in the future as well.

  • Is it okay to sell the products made by MarppleShop from other platforms?

    Yes, the original content creator may sell their products on other platforms.